Friday, 16 October 2015

Dyslexia Rules? No! Multiplication Rules!

Just ask Penny Topsom and she will tell you that Multiplication Rules!

Penny Topsom is a mother on a mission. Penny suffered throughout her school days often told by teachers that she was "thick" because she could not understand a maths problem.

Eventually Penny left school, got married, had children and was shocked and horrified to see the whole pattern being re-enacted with her own children.

Penny thought long and hard on practical solutions that she would be able to use to help her children understand concepts of maths such as multiplication, addition and division.

If those words fill you with a slight foreboding or a sense of dread, don't worry! Penny can help you and your children.

The concept that Penny came up with is so stunningly "right" that it makes one think: "How come it took so long for someone to come up with this fantastic system for helping to teach maths?"

The concept is to turn the stodgy and often somewhat problematic times tables into a fun and highly engaging visual activity called Multiplication Rules!

Multiplication Rules! helps children -and adults, too- to see the beauty behind numbers, how mathematics can be viewed as patterns and how the simple grid system of Multiplication Rules! can help people not only learn their times tables but to really and genuinely understand them (and division, too!) by helping you grasp the concepts by way of a grid and some yellow and black number counters.

Penny was able to help counteract a lot of poor maths teaching that had blighted her education and that was threatening to blight the educational experiences of her own children.

Multiplication Rules is ideal for use at home -it's especially helpful for home schooling or for parents who can see their child is struggling and who want only the best for their children.

It is also highly suitable for use in the schoolroom, too. There are special resources for teachers and for schools, too.

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