Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A guide to public liability insurance in the run up to Jubilee Celebrations

Across the nation, people are getting ready to celebrate 60 wonderful years of our Queen on the throne. You may have seen in recent news the restrictions on jubilee street parties and the need for public liability insurance. Endsleigh is on-hand to give street party organisers the advice that they need in making sure that liability for any trips, slips and falls are covered.

Public liability insurance provides cover in the event that a member of the public is accidentally injured and an organisation is found liable. With most of the UK getting in the party spirit and organising events for the big day, Endsleigh is urging communities to consider public liability insurance.

Chris Tuck of Endsleigh Insurance, said: “The jubilee is such a special occasion, we want to make sure people have the assurance that they are financially protected so they can have a great time. Don’t forget that there are some basic elements such as public liability to be considered. Having public liability cover in place means the festivities that you have planned will be covered allowing you to enjoy the festivities.”

Here are a few tips on planning for a successful and memorable jubilee party:

Talk to your local authority or council
Although public liability insurance is not currently a legal requirement, many local authorities set limitations and request that street parties have a public liability insurance policy in place. Talking to your local authority will provide you with information on the level of cover that they expect you to have, as well as information on closing your road for the day and any other restrictions that have been put in place.

Speak to residents or residents association
If you have a residents association then plan a meeting to discuss your insurance policy, inform your residents of what policies you need to have in place and what the financial implications are.

Think about the risks
Everybody wants to have a great celebration, but risks always need to be considered. Even if your local authority doesn’t demand a public liability policy, think about the importance of having one anyway. Risks could include food poisoning and broken limbs from trips and falls; public liability insurance will keep you assured that if something did go wrong you are covered.

Endsleigh Insurance offers a range of competitive policies for street parties, businesses and personal purposes. Policies can be tailored to cover legal fees, expenses and third party costs.


  1. Public Liability Insurance becomes necessary during this kind of celebrations. Because thousands of people celebrate this kind of occasions together. So there are many chances of escapement. So to take of this public liability insurance is very necessary.