Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Replacement laptops for students within 24 hours of claim – says Endsleigh Insurance

aptops are essential for every student to keep up-to-date with their studies. This is why Endsleigh Insurance, student insurance specialists with over 40 years experience, offer a 24-hour replacement option for lost or broken laptops.

Endsleigh recently revealed students take on average £2,652 worth of goods to university and they have published data on the different types of claims made by students. One of the most common causes of laptop claims is drinks being split on them.

Infographic detailing the common insurance claims and their causes

Standard home contents cover is inadequate insurance for modern students, says Endsleigh Insurance. Prone to accidents in shared houses and with student areas often targeted by thieves, many students have the need to claim on their insurance at some time during their studies.

Endsleigh Insurance has been specialising in student insurance for the last 40 years and in that time there have been massive changes in the type of goods students need to be insured for. Forty years ago, students had little other than their books and clothes, now modern student houses are packed with valuable gadgets and technology – from laptops, to iPods, televisions and microwaves, it’s no wonder student homes are so well targeted by thieves.

Too many students are unaware of all the benefits of taking out specialist Student Insurance, leaving them at huge risk.
The Endsleigh student insurance guarantees –
• With Endsleigh student insurance, you only pay for the cover you need.
• You’re covered for walk in theft.
• The student laptop insurance could see you sent a replacement laptop within 24 hours if lost or stolen. (T&C apply)

• £3000 worth of contents cover
• Replacement loan item whilst yours is repaired
Endsleigh also offers tailored insurance for students living in halls.

Vicki O’Connell, spokeswoman for Endsleigh explained: “We have seen radical changes in the student population over the last 40 years and the items they claim for have grown hugely in value.”

“Students don’t have the funds to go out and buy a replacement laptop is theirs is lost or stolen, but it causes chaos for them to be without one. We think offering a replacement laptop for students is the only practical solution – just like offering replacement cars for drivers.”

Next day represents 1 working day from them accepting your claim.
They will provide you with a loan notebook if they can’t repair your laptop within 5 working days.

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Founded in 1965, Endsleigh is now one of the UK's leading independent intermediaries. Endsleigh specialises in providing student insurance solutions as well as packages career people and therefore it is a lifelong relationship that they seek with their clients: the product range that starts with students and continues through to retirement and beyond.

You can therefore obtain the most appropriate insurance policy to suit your changing lifestyle - whatever you drive, or home insurance policy for whichever type of property you live in and wherever you travel.

Their aim is to exceed our clients' expectations for price, cover and service.


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